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Mirrors (BBP52)

by Elliot Fresh & Fish

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Uptro 01:38
Daydream 03:16
Rats 04:20
RATS - Elliot Fresh & Fish Wu-tang were bang on the money regarding Cream Because we're all born addicted from the start we're fiends. Everything's a scam in a market of thieves all marketing schemes Like you can be part of this dream. First pick a dream in this game of corporate debauchery But if you pick your own you'll be reported to the thought police. Silly pigs stop and search you with a sort of gormless glee Painted on the their school bully victim face awkwardly. Kids are taught to read at school but between the lines, Which is necessary if big brother wants us to believe his lies. The poor are nothing more than paupers and need to be demonised, The rich act like they're exempt from the slice of the reaper's scythe. It's all smoke and mirrors masking pyramid schemes, Bankers act like economic growth is infinite "please", Do the maths only to find that something isn't adding up the extinction level event introduction had it sussed. Go worship your CCTV gods The recordings of which the rich and greedy watch, Mapping out our lives in this Winston Smith britain Wear that cage of rats mask and loosen up to double thinking. Go worship your CCTV gods The recordings of which the rich and greedy watch, Mapping out our lives in this Winston Smith britain Wear that cage of rats mask and loosen up to double thinking. If The Wire taught me anything it's follow the money And the moment the owners of that money clock on then hurry. Coz being rich today means having had to stab a back or two, Thus they're paranoid that we'll attack so they put tabs on you. "Protecting investments" lesson 1 of it's ethics, Fuck you pay me with your life we ain't extending your credit. We've already 'lent' you what we knew you couldn't pay back The debt collectors have been sent and need a head to take back. Good business is very bad for humanity And tears consciousness in two with it's fractured reality. Companies advertise that their love for you's pure But I'll hedge a bet you'd get a better response fucking a corpse. They exploit your insecurities and bleed your dry Yet we never question them too eager to believe their lies. It's too easy to believe they're right So spend your way out of this breakdown and everything'll be alright.
Mirrors 02:58
Biscuits 03:12
Dunbar 03:30
Coping 02:12
I Know 02:50


BBP52: Mirrors

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Watch the video for 'Rats': youtu.be/4fSIAMxZHZ4

A Word From Elliot Fresh:

It was 2013, Kista had just released 'The Grand Emporium'. Although not on the same song, this was the first time either Elliot Fresh or Fish had made it onto wax. Shortly after the release Fish got in touch with me and offered remixing services. I sent him 3 tracks from my debut album 'Now....' to him and in a few months he had some extremely dope remixes back to me. I asked him if he was up for doing an album, he said yeh and that's how this project began.

Throughout it's creation Fish and I maintained a thorough and regular dialogue regarding the album but mainly us just talking shit for ages. He was a very funny man. He did something no producer has ever really done and told me to re-write several lyrics in a few of the songs because he thought I could do better. This initially irritated me, however, he was always right and when i'd done what he'd suggested, I came with much stronger bars.

Anyway, it was September 2014 and Fish had been a bit distant but still in contact. We'd been discussing getting Chalk from TNC on the album. Fish said he knew him and would link it. We only had 2 more tracks to complete before the album was finished. He sent me a selection of beats and set up a facebook conversation with Chalk so that we could discuss collaborating. Two days later I received a somewhat cryptic message apologising for not being around to finish the album. I tried to call him but straight to answerphone. I thought nothing off it at the time but looking back I now know what he was communicating. Shortly after this I heard of the tragic news of his death through Kista.

Fish and I always wanted to put this out on wax when it was finished. I think he would of liked the finished version of the album. This isn't a dedication album, it's a collaboration album between Fish & I. What is dedicated to him is that all profits will be going to the charity 'Mind'.

Mental health is as serious as physical health. Suicide is the biggest killer of men below the age of 45 in this country. Having mental health problems is a natural reaction to a difficult world and shouldn't isolate a person. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And hence the donation to 'Mind'.

By purchasing this album you will be immortalising the amazing music of Fish and you'll be making me smile, so yeh, enjoy your life and remember you are never alone, there's always someone who'll listen. PEACE.

Elliot Fresh


released October 12, 2016

Produced by Fish
Mixed by Elliot Fresh & Fish
Vocals by Elliot Fresh except noted features
Scratches by DJ Omas
Cover artwork by Kista
Cover layout by Big Tim
Mastered by DJ Drinks
Executive produced by Elliot Fresh, Steady and Fish (in spiritual essence)


all rights reserved



Boom Bap Professionals London, UK

BBP is an independent record label specialising in grassroots hip hop. Birthed in the 90's, officially established in 2004.

Home to releases from: Qred, Prose, Amos, Oliver Sudden, Steady, Manage, KTN, Crusada, Benny Diction, Deeq, Reain, B.O.M.B, Pierce Artists, Lego, Jack Danz, Elliot Fresh, Habitat, DJ Severe, The Book Thieves, Ash The Author, Nick Roberts, FlowTecs & more.
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