Educated Perspective (BBP44)

by Reain

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‘FIGHTING TALK’ Violence is a normal part of life in the ends. Back in the 90s and 00s, when I was growing up, most of us were more likely to scrap it out, man-to-man with our hands, if it came to it. Less people carried knives or even guns. But, that has changed! Now, the youngers are a lot more used to knives and guns, and more people use them nowadays. It’s quite a complex problem. Fighting Talk analyses some of the realities and glamourized elements of this violence. Truth is, now – like back in the day – I imagine many guys just ‘talk’ about being a badman. However, there are some real badman out there, always ready to take things to the next level. I really just wanted listeners to reflect on the reality of the situation and also see that violence isn't necessary but should be, at best, a very last resort. But if you are going to talk about it, watch what you say and who you chat to: “stay silent or back you fighting talk!”
‘IT AIN’T GRATIS’ House price increases, rising inflation rates, the cost of living going up, in other words ‘nothing is free!’ Unless you’re Jay-Z, Bill Gates, the Queen or someone in that bracket you’re going to know what I’m spitting about right here. The fact of matter is most of us are working hard to make a living, but some are dying to be rich. This track looks at two sides to the coin: many heads are working hard and it’s my chance to add my two pence worth; many people are chasing their tails on the paper chase and their ultimate goal is the riches. Here, you only have to pay attention, what you get in return are some priceless gems we can all profit from.
'REALITY CHECK' As quite an introspective person, I wrote 'Reality Check' as a kind of insight into my thoughts. It's also a way to express my internal monologue. The concept was to go on a small journey through my stream of random consciousness. I just wanted to talk about some of the things on my mind, really, like my struggles and aspirations in music and also in life. I also wanted to share my views on not being a stereotype but true to myself and trying to make positive changes; this is because of the bleakness of my environment. Sometimes, I feel a little disorientated in my environment, and it can make me feel weary, like most people I figure; so, I also wanted to show that side of things, and the fact that I am determined to not be worn out and continue to strive. The track's intended to be a journey, so I just let the bars flow quite naturally when I was writing. Plus, as the name suggest, I was just being real. I had to be real with myself too, though. Sometimes, we all need a reality check.
'Where You Really From?' As a black man in the UK, whenever you meet, or get chatting to, another black person (and sometimes Asians) you usually discuss your origins. So, you might get asked "where are you from?", you might answer "I'm British...", then the other person says, "...where (are) you really from?", that's when you'd say Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Barbados, etc. This aspect of my identity made me think a lot: in the UK, I'm Jamaican; in the Caribbean they call me 'English bwoy'; and I am aware of how black people, Africans, got to Europe (and the Americas) in such large numbers - namely the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, the concept behind 'Where Are You Really From?' was to show that I have embraced all the aspects of my identity: ancestry, origin and nationality. This is my notion of being a British born Jamaican of African ancestry. Plus, some individuals struggle with this issue; I did in the past. Some people of an 'ethnic minority' background renounce being British. Some see themselves as only British and have no affiliation to Africa or Asia. So, I also wanted to encourage others, of every race and origin, to also embrace all the sides of their identity. We're all made up of different elements, that's how we can fit together.
‘EDUCATED PERSPECTIVE’ Everyone has their own perspective, a different perspective, some even have a clear perspective but how many have an educated perspective!? An educated perspective is one that is a combination of the three aforementioned perspectives and then some. It’s like not only thinking outside of the box, but stepping outside of it, looking back at it and putting what you've learnt into practice. The title for the EP was inspired by just that, ‘EP’. Traditionally for records and CDs there are LPs: Long Play and EPs: Extended Play. So I decided to do some extended word-play on EP and voila, EDUCATED PERSPECTIVE was conceived. The title then inspired this compilation of songs. Coming straight from the School of Hard Knocks with an educated perspective!


BBP44: Educated Perspective

Watch the video for 'Reality Check' here:

Check out the track info sections for a breakdown of the concept behind each track.


released October 9, 2015

Produced & mixed by Steady
Vocals by Reain
Scratches by Al Mighty
Cover design by Big Tim
Recorded and engineered by Steady @ The Boom Bap Bunker
Mastered by Statik
Executive produced by Reain & Steady


all rights reserved



Boom Bap Professionals London, UK

BBP is an independent record label specialising in grassroots hip hop. Birthed in the 90's, officially established in 2004.

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